Thinking about gig work? You probably have one question – is there any money in it?

YES!! (We don’t guarantee that you’ll make any specific number). But in the last 5-6 years we’ve done a LOT of different gigs and we’d love to share our knowledge with you.

First, you have to start with a mindset you’re not used to… stuff you’ve never considered, that may seem weird or even a little scary, can make you money.

Here are a few examples:


Long Term: We own a traditional, long term rental house in that pays for itself by a wide margin.

Short Term/Coop Hybrid: We’re the long term renters in a second where we have the owner’s explicit permission to do Airbnb out of it and/or have long term roommates.

(If you’re renting a property and you don’t own it, you MUST get prior written permission!! Doing it under the table can potentially void your insurance, get you evicted, expose you and/or your landlord to various penalties and liabilities and create tons of other problems. So get permission!! If you need help asking, let’s chat).

Running the Airbnb gives us a $0 cost of living when we’re there, and lets us monetize the space when we’re on the road.


Long Term Rentals: In 2017, we started with 2 cars and scaled to 15. We’ve since paired down most of the fleet, although some of our valued long term partners are buying out cars they’ve previously rented. We previously ran cars as long term rentals but are now mostly shifting to a hybrid ownership model.

Rent to Own: These are payments for paid off cars that we’re financing loans for trusted renters.

Short Term Rentals: We love carsharing! Sometimes we use a platform (Turo, GetAround, HyreCar have all worked for us in the past to various degrees), and now we mostly put cars on long term direct contracts with renters. In our experience, of all the platforms, Turo has attracted the most responsible renters and had the fewest claims. (Your experience may vary!)

Cooperative Ownership (Coop): We’re building an AWESOME live/work cooperative called Tesla House Coop. If you’re a full time rideshare driver, come live with us and drive a Tesla and earn equity in the house and the car.

Personal Rideshare (Uber, Lyft): Half of YonksTEAM (Jason) absolutely loves driving our Tesla and got to go to college for FREE as an Uber benefit. If you’ve ever wondered if this is worth it, it definitely can be! He’s done 11,000+ trips over the last few years. The profitability depends on the car you’re driving, the cost of gas or electric charging, and how often you need repairs. We’d love to help you figure out if this is the right strategy for you.


We offer a number of services including masterminds, consulting projects for executives and business owners, and private and group coaching.

Masterminds: Our weekly call for Buy, Monetize, Tokenize token holders. If you want to join our community and learn how to create income producing property with blockchain technology, this is for you! Learn more at

Consulting: If you’re a business owner and you’re stuck in sales, marketing, or operations, we can help.

Our team’s services include:


    • DAO structuring and organization

    • Community building and community management

    • Building beautiful brands, websites, and logos

    • Writing and implement business and political plans


We are affiliates of several programs, including We tag affiliate programs with that disclaimer. If you have additional questions about whether we’re getting paid on any program, please reach out to us. But in general, assume that we’re getting paid for everything we promote. If you want to learn more about being an affiliate, or if your company wants to set up an affiliate program, get in touch!

Want to see more of a breakdown? Check out our income reports!

YEAR TO DATE (2023): $37,034