YonksTEAM Monthly Income Report (2023-April)

REAL ESTATE: Long Term Rentals: $3,600 Short Term (Airbnb)/Coop Hybrid Rentals: $4,039 CARS: Rent to Own: $1,700 Rideshare (Uber, Lyft): $1,790 COACHING, CONSULTING, AND PROJECTS: CCP: $0 AFFILIATE MARKETING INCOME: Affiliate Marketing: $0 MONTHLY TOTAL: $11,129

Our Journey to Our First $1 Million in Real Estate

I’m documenting the journey I’m taking to make $1 million in real estate. Stay tuned for updates as I add to this page regularly! Think I missed something? Have a question or comment? Reach out to us! January, 2023 February, 2023 March, 2023 April, 2023